This Mom Took 365 Days of Selfies to Document Her 126-Pound Weight Loss

When Justine McCabe’s husband, John Paul, took his life following a lifelong battle with depression, the mother of two turned to food for comfort, eating until she weighed 313 pounds. “I would say I consumed anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 calories on a daily basis,” the hairstylist from Burbank, California, tells Us Weekly. “I was completely broken and grieving. I had no desire to live life.” Watch McCabe tell her emotional story in the video above.

weight loss before and after

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Old Diet:

Breakfast 4 chorizo breakfast tacos

Snack 3 cookies, a handful of pretzels, candy

Lunch Double cheeseburger and french fries

Dinner 5 slices of pizza, breadsticks and chicken wings

Dessert Large bowl of ice cream and a bag of M&Ms

New Diet:

Meal 1 Egg whites and avocado

Meal 2 Chicken, broccoli and brown rice

Meal 3 Protein shake with berries

Meal 4 Fish and spinach