Mia Khalifa: Strange Facts About The Adult Video Sensation You Never Knew You Needed To Know [Video]


Mia Khalifa, in the relatively short time since her adult video debut in October, 2014, has become perhaps the world’s most famous star of online adult entertainment. The 23-year-old native of Beirut, Lebanon, has not simply relied on her performances in the various clips of her engaged in explicit acts available on the internet. She has also become a highly-visible social media star.

Her 917,000 Twitter followers find themselves frequently graced with her wisdom on various celebrities, political and social issues, and sports. Especially sports. Khalifa has made it known that she is an avid sports fan, and just like everyone else, was frustrated on Friday when No. 2 Michigan State suffered a bracket-busting upset in the NCAA Men’s Basketball “March Madness” tournament.

But despite her widespread fame and willingness to reveal herself in both a literal and figurative sense, there are still any number of facts about the adult video star that remain obscure.

To address this knowledge deficit regarding Mia Khalifa, Canadian comedian, actor, and YouTube star Michael McCrudden on Friday devoted an entire, five-minute episode of his online series, “The Most Amazing Top 5” exclusively to Mia Khalifa — who also goes by the name Mia Callista.

McCrudden’s Mia Khalifa episode does not contain any adults-only material, but is somewhat off-color and can be seen at this link.

But Another video with some equally fascinating facts about Mia Khalifa can be viewed below.

The five-foot, two-inch adult video star chose the “stage” name “Khalifa,” which means a leader in the Muslim faith. But Khalifa herself, though Arab by birth, is not Muslim. In fact, the graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso was born into a Lebanese Christian family.

Nonetheless, she has been seen in her adult video productions performing graphic acts while wearing a hijab, the traditional head scarf worn by Muslim women. The videos caused a controversy in her home country, where Khalifa is considered a disgrace, and Khalifa even reportedly received death threats as a result of the videos, which despite the head covering, left little else to the imagination.

But Mia Khalifa only last week continued to mock her homeland’s values. In a Twitter photo seen below in which she displayed a new, fuller hairstyle, the adult video actress posed the question, “The bigger the hair the closer to Allah?”


There may have been at least a hint of hypocrisy in the backlash against Mia Khalifa from the region where she was born. Recent data suggests that online pornography has recently experienced a surge in popularity throughout the Middle East, with six of the eight countries responsible for the most internet searches for adult video material hailing from the region.

Lebanon, however, was not one of those six, according to statistics compiled by Google.

Another fact about Mia Khalifa that is most likely not widely known, or perhaps appreciated, by her fans is that — despite her youth and the controversial nature of her current profession, Khalifa is married.

At least, she was as of January of last year, according to a CNN report, which quoted her family saying that at the age of 18 — 11 years after relocating from Lebanon to the United States with her family “as is common in the West. She married an American guy in February 2011 and is currently living with him in Florida. Mia has since lost contact with her family.”

The rift with her family was presumably caused by her status as an adult video star, and by her open mocking of Arab customs.

But there’s nothing to suggest that Mia Khalifa is anything but patriotic about the country of her birth. Watch the video, above, for information about the tattoos on her arms, which contain lyrics from the Lebanon national anthem, as well as the insignia of a Lebanese Christian paramilitary militia.

Despite her college degree, before entering the adult video business, Mia Khalifa is known to have been employed at a fast-food hamburger restaurant.