Jihadists Who’d Kill Indecently Dressed Women, Owns Computers Filled With Porns

Several days ago, we reported about an incident in Germany where a gang of Muslimsstormed a nudist pool yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ and threatened to kill ‘Sluts’. People have preconceived notions of terrorists, but this story proves that fact is stranger than fiction. Apparently, we don’t know them that well.

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn used to head the U.S. military’s Defense Intelligence Agency and he thought he knew everything about terrorists. It turns out he didn’t.

Flynn wrote a book — the recently released The Field of Light. It talks about how U.S. forces dealt with Islamic extremists. It gives an insider’s view of what the soldiers saw.


They claim to be warriors for their faith.


For one, Flynn exposed al-Qaeda terrorists’ favorite form of “amusement.” He said members of the al-Qaeda — specifically, the Iraq branch who went on to form ISIS — were obsessed with pornography.

Flynn said they examined the laptops left by terrorists. “We determined that 80 percent of the material on the laptops was pornography,” he said.

Other U.S. military officials — both active and retired — made similar claims.


Porn involving animals and kids are on terrorists’ laptops.

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In fact, two former special operations soldiers said they often found pornography in their missions. Aside from porn videos in laptops, terrorists also had piles of adult magazines and porn DVDs. Moreover, they disclosed that some of the material involved children and animals.

It may also be recalled that U.S. Navy SEAL operatives who raided Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad, Pakistan hideout in May 2011 found a huge stash of pornographic material. It was stored inside a wooden box in the slain al-Qaeda leader’s bedroom. At first, they thought there were “coded messages” hidden in the bin Laden porn files, but there were none.


The extremists’ porn obsession actually violates their own group’s rules, since they declared that pornography violates their beliefs. These terrorists see themselves as warriors for their faith and even punish women who leave as much as an inch of their body uncovered. They also frown upon any hints of indecency.

Ironically, terrorists command women to be covered up to avoid “indecency.”


That said, their hypocrisy is to be expected. Keep in mind that these people have already corrupted the teachings of Islam to justify their violent acts and suit their perversions.