9 Reasons Why Having Big Boobs Is The Shittiest Part Of The Summer

Mia Khalifa big boobs

Have your boobs actually broken shirts…literally sent buttons flying or ripped through dainty little ties with little effort? Do you sometimes get weird sweat patterns on your clothes, and is visible underboob a literal problem in your life?

If so, you know that a while a large rack may seem like all fun and games, it can be a struggle. Throw in some hot temperatures and skimpier clothes, and it’s even worse.

For anyone with a size D or above, summer is a time that tests our very mettle. Despite all the adorable bathing suits and half-naked beach fun at our disposal, finding clothes and activities that work for us is a challenge. Along the way, there are a lot of unpleasant issues that our small-breasted friends just have no idea about.

The big boob struggle couldn’t be more real for our girl, Mia Khalifa. Here she is explaining the main reasons why having big boobs in the Summer is the fucking worst…