25-year-old woman wears underpants.

When the same British tabloids that shamelessly post photos of topless women clutch their pearls in horror because Zoella showed the tiniest glimpse of her very plain underwear, we think a Twitter pile-on is in order.

The lifestyle guru put trashy papers like The Daily Mail and The Sun on blast when they reposted her innocent Snapchat pic of herself her pajamas – a white tee shirt and Calvin Klein boy shorts. A couple of inches of skin below her waist were showing, which the Daily Mail called “VERY revealing” and the Sun decreed “ditches [her] wholesome image.”

Yep, apparently the fact that a 25-year-old woman sleeps in her underwear is enough to tarnish her reputation forever. Maybe in her next beauty tutorial she can show us how to paint a big scarlet A on her face.

Of course, Zoella’s millions and millions of fans had some things to say about that, which is why #WeStandWithZoe shot up to the top of the worldwide trends list. And then they went one better and started mocking the tabloids with their own underpants pictures – including this one of Zoe’s boyfriend Alfie wearing her lacy girl’s underwear.

Zoe responded to the outpouring of support on Twitter.

25-year-old woman zoe wears underpants.


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