Athletes Who Played Multiple Sports At Professional Level


Six Players Who Played More Than One Sport at Professional Level: Playing a sport professionally demands extreme hard work and skill in the game. Achieving excellence in any sport is an even more daunting task. Most of the sportsmen are never able to achieve the fame they had aimed for when starting their careers and that comes down to a number of reasons with luck being one of them. Having said this, we have seen few individuals who made their names in more than one sport. Paulo Coelho writes: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. “ This statement seems truer for these professional players in our list than for any other person. We will be discussing few of the greats who have played more than one sport at professional level or are doing so right now.

1. Andrew Flintoff

Andrew Flintoff cricket and boxing

Nicknamed Freddie, England’s all-rounder Andrew Flintoff, was a quintessential example of a cricketer who played the sport from heart more than from any other place of his body. Freddie was the chief architect behind number of English victories but none of them matches the glory he brought to England by his scintillating performances in the Ashes 2005. Coming back from a shoulder injury from which he hadn’t fully recovered when he came against the giant Australian team, Freddie devastated the Kangaroos with both ball and bat. He averaged 40 with bat in the historic series which England won thanks to Freddie’s awesomeness in the field.

After announcing his retirement from Cricket in 2010, Freddie took everyone by surprise by announcing his entry into professional boxing. A revelation that was deeply distressing for many of his fans. Boxing is all together a completely different sport than cricket involving physical play unlike Cricket which is dubbed a gentleman’s game. Freddie entered the professional ring for the first and only time in the dying days of 2012 against Richard Dawson. A fight which Freddie went on to win on points. Andrew Flintoff was dismissive of all the criticism that had erupted after his fight accusing the critics of being over protective of Boxing as a sport.

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