46-Year-Old Builder Turns Into An Overnight Millionaire

Frank Simmons is just your adverage hard working guy who has been living in Essex with his Wife Annabelle and 4 children since 1997 – running his own building firm known as Simmons Build, covering the whole of Essex.

Back in October 2015 he was working on a new build with a company that had recently decided to use his service and sub-contract him to a few months work on a very decent pay rate.

He started the work on 4th Oct and began to plan trips to the local hardware store known as B&Q to purchase supplys needed to roll the work he had planned out and try to get the best price on materiels so that he could then increase his overall wage once the contract was over in labour hours.

He headed over to the huge warehouse so that he could attempt on getting a bulk discount when ordering sand, bricks and cement.

Upon arrival he was greated by a B&Q employee known only as ‘Ben’ who was more than happy to assist Mr Simmons with his hardware shopping. Frank explained that he needed some rich and fluffy sand so that he could tty and keep the costs down, so they headed over to the bottom end of the warehouse where the huge bags of sand was stored.

Frank and Ben hurdled 6 bags of sands onto one of them funky trolleys they have and pushed it towards the checkout.

Once he had paid for the stuff, Ben helped Mr Simmons put the load of materiels into his Van, making it a very easy-going all-round trip!

When Frank got home, he decided to open one of the bags of sand to make sure the texture was rich and fluuffy as he had requested at the time, only to discover a sparking hidden gem – sat gleaming in his eyes.

It was a solid diamond rock. Frank was now offically loaded.

He couldn’t beleive his eyes. Deciding not to tell anybody apart from his Wife who also agreed deeply to inspect it with him.

There lifes had instantly changed.

Frank rushed to the nearest Pawn Brokers, otherwise known as ‘Cash Converters’ and traded the gem, instantly making the Simmons family Millionaires.

It’s not quite been explained as to how much the diamond was actually worth or sold for at the time, but let’s just say one thing is for sure.. Frank isn’t going to be building for a very long time.


Working a usual 9-5 job wasn’t the life Frank had always wanted.

Frank and Family Living in Essex isn’t exactly cheap in the first place. The work van The van which transported the sand.


Outside B&Q The view from outside the hardware store.



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Here is what could make you a Millionaire. At least, this guy became.