14-Year-Old Girl Was Given Only 48 Hours To Live. 7 Years Later, THIS Is What She Looks Like


Eating disorders are extremely prominent in today’s society. With the unrealistic expectations of the world and the altered and photoshopped images printed all over magazines, people are resorting to the extremes. At the young age of 14, Gemma Walker was diagnosed with both anorexia nervosa and bulimia. These two severe eating disorders are not to be taken lightly, and in Gemma’s case, they were life threatening.

With Gemma weighing in at a mere 63 lb at the age of 14, her parents were told by doctors that she would have only 48 hours to live if she didn’t receive immediate medical intervention. Her father had the dreaded task of checking on her every morning to see if she was still breathing, something I’m sure no parent would ever want to do. Seven years later, Gemma has made an extraordinary recovery and has shared her photos in hopes of helping others with their journey to recovery.


During her recovery, Gemma often suffered from binge eating and “refeeding syndrome,” which would cause her to consume copious amounts of food in one sitting. In as little as 20 minutes, Gemma could consume upwards of 6,000 calories, which would cause her to pass out and hallucinate. Within seven months, Gemma had put on 88 lb (40 kg), nearly tripling her initial weight. People believed that she was over her anorexia and that she was healthier, but she claims that this point was when she was at her worst. She went from a complete lack of eating to mass over consumption.


Gemma’s father actually convinced her to write a goodbye letter to her anorexia. She left the envelope in her bottom drawer for six years and finally let it go in December of 2014.

Gemma’s full recovery

Seven years later, Gemma has finally normalized and made a complete recovery. She credits her parents by saying, “I also have my beautiful parents to thank, they’ve literally been through everything with me, it’s only now that I realize what incredible, loving parents they are … I am the happiest I’ve ever been now, it’s such an amazing, surreal feeling.” She is now celebrating her recovery at the age of 22, as well as the launch of her new beauty product business. Her story is a truly touching and inspiring one. Hopefully it can help those who are also in a similar situation.