YouTube Star Shows Off Her Impressive Range And Guitar Playing Skill

Youtube has become an incredible platform for everyday people to show off their talents and get noticed. That is where superstar Justin Bieber was first discovered. Jess Greenberg is an incredibly talented singer and musician on Youtube.

She covers tons of classic rock songs from ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ by Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell, and covers by Fleetwood Mac. She also plays the electric guitar in some of her rock covers. In this video Jess does an amazing cover of a Bon Jovi classic ‘Wanted dead or alive.’

hot girl playing Guitar Playing Skill

She starts off the song slow and acoustic, and then starts singing and you can hear how incredible her voice is. She is a natural talent, and hasn’t altered the video at all. She is able to hit all the notes, including some very impressive high notes.

She is a confident musician, and doesn’t slip up once. She stares right at the camera and she has a great presence when she performs.
hot boob playing Guitar

This particular video of the Bon Jovi cover has over 4 million views. All her videos have about the same amount of views, and fans can’t get enough of this talented woman.

People are in awe of Greenberg’s talent. One person commented saying ‘this girl is absolutely amazing. Somebody sign her.’

She also did a cover of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes, which got over 9 million views. This girl is the real deal.

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