Woman’s Epic Revenge On Cheating Ex-Boyfriend Will Remind Him For 17 Years

How do you get back at someone who cheats on you? Simple! You do something that will make the person regret his or her actions.

Take it from Harriet, a girl from Cheshire in North West England who came up with a brilliant idea about how to get even with her cheating ex-boyfriend.

Harriet, a woman from Cheshire, thought of a brilliant idea about how she can get even with her cheating boyfriend.

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Shortly after the break up, Dan Brown, the ex-boyfriend, got in touch with Harriet asking that he be paid back for the money he used for buying a Justin Bieber ticket.

Dan Brown, her ex, said he wanted the money back for his Justin Bieber ticket.

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Earlier, Dan has said that he will not need the money anymore but despite contradicting himself, Harriet agreed to pay him just the same.

She, however, did it in a way he will never forget.

“Send it for tonight as I need it,” Dan insisted. Harriet obliged – but with a hilarious twist!

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In a reply to Dan’s text message, Harriet said:

“I’ve set up a direct debit so you will receive 1p a day.”

Harriet set up a direct debit to send the money back one day at a time – which means it will take at least 17 years before Dan gets the amount in full!

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To Harriet’s estimate, it will take about 17 years before he can get back the entire amount of his money.

Harriet eventually shared the conversation on Twitter and it immediately went viral, gaining a lot of positive reaction from netizens. Many major websites have also picked up on the story.

Revenge has never been this sweet. That should definitely teach him a lesson!