Underboob Sweat is Uncomfortable? This Deodorant has it All Figured Out for You!

Having big boobs can be an asset and a disadvantage at the same time. When summer comes, things start to become uncomfortable. Every girl with large breasts knows the struggle of dealing with underboob sweat on a hot summer day.


Besides the fact that it feels super uncomfortable and awkward, you also have to worry about your underboob sweat stains showing through your shirt and announcing your temperature to everyone around you. The worst part is that these conditions are the perfect breeding areas for bacteria.


Thankfully, spray deodorant is great for hard-to-reach spots, like under your boobs. There are also deodorants especially made for that area, which can help in maintaining a clean and dry underboob. Who ever said they were just for your underarms?

Big boobs equal lots of sweat.