This must be the most creative proposal ever

Asking for a beloved woman’s hand is an important and very special moment in every man’s life. And how creative these romantics can be! But the story we’re going to tell you will surely surprise you and melt your heart.

Jivago and Laura work as wedding photographers, and they had been dating for eight months. The young man was wracking his brains to come up with a creative proposal for his girlfriend. It had to be exceptional and beautiful to make her say ’Yes!’

Then an idea came to Jivago’s mind: what if he proposed to her at someone’s wedding? He spent 3 weeks organizing a fake wedding. With the help of his friends and family he did it, and he even managed to invite 240 ’guests’!

wedding photography wedding car wedding photos

Of course, Laura was photographing this wedding. In the middle of the ceremony, a flower girl approached her with a box, where Laura saw…a photo of her and Jivago!

wedding photographers wedding proposal

At first Laura didn’t understand what was going on. But her reaction was very emotional when Jivago entered the hall accompanied by romantic music!

very emotional very emotional

most creative wedding proposal

As you can guess, Jivago tugged at Laura’s heartstrings, and she said ’Yes.’

wedding photography

They’re going to get married in a year. And if this was just the proposal, you can imagine how wonderful the wedding will be!

wedding photography