This Model Wore Body Paint Instead of Real Clothes for a Day—People didn’t Even Notice!

Her body is literally a work of art!

Wouldn’t you notice if somebody naked walked beside you in a public street? Apparently, not everybody will. Artist Pashur House, a professional Body Painter, wanted to test if people would really realize that this model was actually not wearing any clothes (except for her underwear of course).

She walks outside and asked people If they noticed ‘something different’ from her body. If she had not asked them, many of these strangers would’ve not noticed at all! Since skinny jeans are trending lately, she looked like she was wearing really tight jeans, or leggings for that matter. Intricate details on the body paint made it look real.


This Model Wore Body Paint Instead of Real Clothes

The model, Julie, says she was always insecure with her body. But with this experiment, she was able to prove that not everybody is perfect—but practically nobody notices those imperfections!