These Amazing Sculptures Are NOT What You Think… But They’re Awesome

After years of trial and error, Chinese contemporary artist Li Hongbo has perfected his mesmerizing method of artistry — and for years, his work has been the main star of many viral videos.

Paper sculptures look like classical plaster busts at first, but people are shocked to discover they’re actually made of super-thin sheets of paper that are then glued together. I’ve never seen anything like it before.


By layering thousands of sheets of paper and carving them into busts, Honbgo creates stunning replicas of nature and human forms. When pulled apart at the ends, they seem to stretch out as if they were made of a gooey, seemingly never-ending substance. It’s no surprise that each sculpture requires an incredible amount of work and takes up to five months to complete.

Hongbo’s sculptures are currently on exhibit at the Klein Sun Gallery in New York — and revealing the “insides” of the sculptures for eager viewers is no easy feat. “It’s a relatively heavy piece,” says Amy, who works at the gallery. “Your core muscles and your biceps are really working.”