Seven unusual places where people are paid to live

Few people know that there are a number of places out there in the world that for one reason or another are in vital need of permanent inhabitants. In order to encourage people to live and work in them, they offer very tempting amounts of money.

To dispel any doubts you’re having that this is actually true, we at Vastread present you with a selection of seven places that potentially offer a fantastic opportunity to experience life in a foreign culture and get paid for your trouble.


Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit Michigan in USA

’The Paris of the West.’ ’The automobile capital of the USA.’ The nearly empty city of Detroit lost these cherished titles during the second half of the 20th century. But now it’s trying desperately to restore its former glory. In order to do so, the government introduced a new program called Challenge Detroit, which offers $2,500 to professionals in various industries who are willing to relocate and work in the city.


Alaska, USA

Alaska USA

If you love winter, snowy landscapes, an unhurried pace of life, and you feel at home in low temperatures, then life in Alaska might turn out to be a joy the likes of which you’ve never known before. There is a special government fund that pays willing and enthusiastic professionals to take part in the life of this region where the population is remorselessly in decline. The only condition is that you have to live in Alaska for a minimum of one year.


Saskatchewan Province, Canada

Saskatchewan Province Canada

This Canadian province offers newly qualified graduates (graduating no earlier than 2010) who have not yet decided on their career a great opportunity. They’re paid 20,000 Canadian dollars to live and work in the area for 7 years. More information can be foundhere.

Niagara Falls, New York, USA

Niagara water falls

Here’s another opportunity that seems almost too good to be true: live in one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places in the world — and get paid to do so. The government offers $7,000 to university graduates as an incentive to work for the businesses located close to the waterfall for two years. More information can be found here.


Ponga, Asturias, Spain

Ponga Asturias Spain

This wonderful little village, located in a protected territory of north-east Spain, is one of the oldest in the country. To attract young inhabitants and strengthen the local economy, the government offers €3,000 to every couple that moves there. In addition, €3,000 are paid for every child they have while living in the village. That makes for a great chance to live in an environmentally clean and incredibly beautiful place.


Utrecht, The Netherlands

Utrecht Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous around the world for its depth of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences. Here’s one such social experiment they’re currently conducting there: what will happen if everyone who lives in one city receives $1,000? Head over to Utrecht to find out.


Curtis, Nebraska, USA

Curtis Nebraska USA

The chances are that everyone has at one time or another complained that the local authorities aren’t doing enough for their city. In the small American town of Curtis, Nebraska, they offer a solution: you can claim land for free in exchange for offering the authorities a good idea for improving local infrastructure or culture.