Punishments Of Rapist In Different Countries Around The World

#1 China

Chinese rapists are automatically sentenced to death after raping another person – some even die by mutilation!

Chinese rapists


#2 Iran

You’ll be hanged or shot to death if you’ve been convicted of rape in Iran

rape in Iran


#3 Afghanistan

Rape cases are very far and few in Afghanistan, because you’ll be shot in the head within four days of being caught – that or hanged.



#4 France

You could face up 15, 30 or life in prison – this all depends on the damage caused to the victim

france prison


#5 North Korea

You’ll be shot by a firing squad in North Korea…

North Korea


#6 Russia

You’d be surprised to know that Russia doesn’t enforce the death penalty to rapists. Instead, they can serve anywhere between 3 -6 years in prison or 10 -20 if the damage is really bad!

Russian map


#7 S.A

A rapist in Saudi Arabia is sedated and murdered in public if convicted of rape.

rapist in Saudi Arabia