Professional Interior Designer Shares 24 Awesome Ideas For Cozier, Classier Home

We all have our own unique ideas when it comes to building our dream house. For the most part, many of us just want to have a home that’s as cozy as it is classy. We want a dwelling place that provides our family with a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

If you’re still trying to visualize the features of your future house (or if you want to remodel your existing one into something more awesome), it is a guarantee that you will love some of the home improvement suggestions below.

Shared by a professional interior designer via the Shareably website, these 24 fantastic, space-saving ideas will surely make you stop and think “hey, that’s cool!” or “I want that for my house!”

#1. A dog bedroom under the stairs.

dog bedroom under the stairs

Show your pooch some love.

#2. A lowered living room.


It just looks a little more elegant than a standard living room.

#3. Vacuum-capable baseboards.


Makes cleaning much easier for you.

#4. A sink with jets in the laundry room.


Wash delicate clothes on the sink while washing the others on your machine. You’ll finish faster with your laundry duties.

#5. Clouds in the attic.

Clouds in the attic

Use cloud wallpapers on your attic’s walls then fill it up with white pillows. Resting will never be as relaxing!

#6. Staircase storage.

 Staircase storage

Your home will be less messier.

#7. Built-in bunk beds.


Perfect for your kids.

#8. Kitchen accordion windows.


This increases air circulation in the room and allows you to eliminate unwanted odors and smoke while cooking.

#9. Nook under the stairs.

Nook under the stairs

Read book or take a quick power nap here.

#10. Small home office.

Small home office

Better yet, convert the space into a small office you can use at home.

#11. Twin dishwashers.


You’ll never run out of clean dishes again.

#12. Lounge chair shower


Showering has never been this relaxing.

#13. Walk-in shower.

Walk-in shower

You won’t have to clean glass doors ever again.

#14. Tree house.

Tree house

Tree houses are always cool. Take it up the next level by building something like this.

#15. Utilize that shed.


Not using your shed anymore? Use it as a pub shed or a greenhouse.

#16. Secret book shelf.

Secret book shelf

Another awesome under-the-stair idea for you.

#17. Baseboard storage space.


Take advantage of every available space.

#18. Storage under the bed.


Your room will be tidier.

#19. Hidden room.


Just like in the movies, baby!

#20. Kitchen chutes for garbage and recycling.

Kitchen chutes for garbage and recycling

This will make your life much easier.

#21. Secret cabinet.


Again, the idea is to take advantage of every space possible.

#22. Sleep under the stars.

Sleep under the stars

Hate mosquitoes? Then stare at the stars from your own room.

#23. Fireplace beside the tub.

Fireplace beside the tub

This looks very classy!

#24. Small deck.

Small deck

This adds a little vacation vibe to your bedroom.