‘Money for Breast Implants’ or ‘Money for Food’—Who Will These People Help?

I can’t believe she was able to make that much money!

What do we see in our society in this generation? The poor are greatly ignored compared to rich and mediocre people who get all the attention they themselves don’t even need. This social experiment just proves it all.

What is the difference if we see a poor, homeless man dying in the streets, or a sexy woman needing money for breast implants? Do we help poor, or do we ignore him for we believe it is not our call? Do we help the rich for we know she plays a more important role in the society? Or should we simply help them both regardless of their social status and physical features?

hot girl vs homeless man social experiment

Guys at RiskyRobTV on YouTube conducted this ‘social experiment’ to see how people would choose if faced with two kinds of people asking for money. While a homeless man asks money for ‘food’, this hot girl asks for money—for a pair of new breasts! Who do you think people would choose?

Every person can make a change in today’s wrongdoings. It’s time for you to set things straight.