Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, Offered $1Million To Appear In Adult Films

When a door closes, another will surely open. And for Miss Universe 2015 1st Runner-Up, Miss Colombia this saying is very true. She may not have been crowned as the “Queen of the Universe”, but she is starting to get noticed.

As Miss Universe Judge Perez Hilton mentioned in his blog and podcast, “Miss Colombia was the most beautiful contestant…Colombia came there as if she had already won. And that’s sexy also, and intoxicating to have that confidence. And, I think, in many ways, though, that losing is the best thing that could have happened to Miss Colombia”

She may have placed 1st-runner up, but she could be men’s frontrunner for their fantasies soon enough…

Ariadna Gutierrez porn offer

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And Perez was right about his statement. One of the first persons to notice the smoking Miss Colombia is Steve Hirsch, the owner of Vivid which is a renowned adult film production company. The executive was ready to offer US $1 Million just to get Miss Colombia to sign a porn film contract. The Vivid honcho was reported as saying in a bid to convince Ariadna, “The only name [beauty queen runner up that turned adult film star] that most people remember is Vanessa Williams. Celebrity sex tapes we have distributed have enhanced the careers of stars such as Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson, Pamela Anderson and many others.” Hirsch was trying to persuade the beauty queen to pursue starring in porn films as a start for her career.

Hirsch even added that, “You will pick your partners, the type of sex you want to have, and how many movies you ultimately appear in. [We could] commission the making of the first Vivid Girl Crown for you and we believe it will be grander than anything Miss Philippines will ever wear”


In the meantime, no reports yet from Miss Colombia’s camp has turned down or accepted the offer. But some officials such as Colombian Consul General Maria Isabel Nieto said that though Ariadna has already accepted the outcome, the result was still extremely painful for her and that it could even cause long-term issues for the beauty queen, even psychological trauma.

Meanwhile, the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos Calderon backs up Miss Colombia 100 percent saying, “For me, Miss Colombia is Miss Universe and will continue to be Miss Universe. They placed the crown on her, there is a photo and for me as a Colombian she will continue to be Miss Universe.”

Should Miss Colombia make this career move? What do you think about this?