Man Undergoes Unbelievable Transformation By Walking to Walmart Everyday—Amazing!

He used to consume 11,000 calories a day!

Pasquale “Pat” Brocco was known in their community as ‘the fat kid’ or ‘fat pat’. He was always overweight since he was young, and grew bigger as he became older. It was until his doctor told him that he could die anytime in his sleep, as his body is starting to weaken from diseases from obesity. He knew he had to do something and save his own life.


He stopped eating fast food and other junk that added to his weight and endangered his life. He would walk a mile to his local Walmart to buy healthy and clean food, then walks back to his home to cook and eat low-calorie food.

From his usual 11,000 calories per day, he went down to 2,200 calories per day with simple, clean, and healthy food.

After a year and a half, his amazing transformation caught the attention of many—with 300 pounds lost! Look at his amazing transformation and be inspired!