Man Finds Rare Treasure in His Own Home while Remodelling—What an Amazing Discovery!

Why doesn’t this happen to me?

Remodelling your house is probably a costly job. But for this guy, remodelling his house earned him more money. How? By discovering a treasure hidden in his home from more than six decades ago.

Branik said he and his family have been living in an old house for several years. The house was originally built in the 1940s and Branik, a self-proclaimed “DIY enthusiast,” had already finished a bunch of work on the first and second floor before moving on to the basement.

basement identities

He begins by documenting the first steps, peeling back the basement’s original walls to reveal some weird “art” scrawled on the walls. He speculated, as the house was built in the 40s, that some of the weird symbols etched in may be swastikas.

“Time to remove the ceiling now and it sucks,” said Branik. “There is a good 1/4 inch of dust on of the ceiling. We put up plastic to keep the dust out of the rest of the house and exposed then patched the air returns first.”

top basement

That’s when Branik made an intriguing discovery. According to Imgur user Branik12, he was fixing their home’s ceiling and noticed a metal box lodged beneath the ceiling.

“I took the box outside and gathered the wife. It has something inside, but not heavy like coins or gold bars. Might get lucky though. Could be old sports cards?”

old things

After removing the shoestring tying the box shut, Branik opened the box. He and his wife were dying with anticipation over what could be inside.

wrapped in wax paper and a newspaper

“String is off. Also, a few pictures ago, we moved to a patio table. The white truck in the sun was blinding us. We are starting to guess a lot at this point. Cash? Cards? Recipes?”

After opening the box, they discovered a few packages wrapped in wax paper and a newspaper.

“The paper is dated March 25, 1951. This must be near the time the box was hidden.”

old cashes

Then the packages wrapped in wax paper. “Some of the bills were rarer than others. Some brown notes, a gold certificate and some star notes nearly uncirculated. All bills were from 1928-1934.

He returned to fixing the ceiling—and he had to check if there were any other metal boxes—and he wasn’t disappointed! The second box had more cash in it!

Branik explained that before posting any pictures, he went to his lawyer and had the bills appraised. All in all, Branik and his wife scored $45,000 in cash that they will use to put toward their mortgage.

cash in box

On his post on Imgur, he answered a few questions from other users:

  1. Did we talk to a lawyer? Yes, we spoke with an estate lawyer friend about the legal aspects. It is ours.
  2. Did we have the bills appraised? Yes, they were double appraised and the notes of value were sold about 20 had value over the face value plus grading cost. About 10 were worth about 4x face value
  3. What did we do with the money? It is in the bank and will be paid toward our mortgage *minus taxes. We should be all paid off in 2017 and will be able to move to the country.
  4. Was it karma? Are we good people? We are generally good people. We try to help other when we can. General acts of kindness go a long ways. I however don’t believe in karmaman-finds-rare-treasure-in-his-own-home-while-remodelling-what-an-amazing-discovery_thumb