Here’s Why Olympian McKayla Maroney Has People Talking These Days


Remember when McKayla Maroney became an internet sensation in 2012? She placed second in the Olympics and made the sassiest face EVER? Soon she was turned into a viral meme that even she laughed at. McKayla was just sixteen years old at the time and has changed quite a lot over the years. She’s also been on quite the journey for being so young, her journey is actually really impressive!


At 16 years old, McKayla was selected as a member of the Fierce Five, the five gymnasts sent to represent America in the 2012 Olympics.



Her “not impressed” face went viral after the earned a Silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics. She was really disappointed that she didn’t win the gold.



She even got to make her “not impressed” face with President Obama. That’s pretty impressive!



Her gymnastics career was quickly put on hold as she dealt with many injuries, including needing knee surgery. There were many times when she needed to compete but was in intense amounts of pain. It was all part of her career, though, and she fought through it.