Girl Catches Boyfriend Grabbing Flirty Girl’s Butt While Being Secretly Filmed, Is Now Coming Back To Bust HER Balls

Boyfriend Caught Cheating with Big Booty!

Within <5 seconds of hitting “Play” I could already tell this guy was going to get caught cheating. Look at him – literally the poster child for the type of person you’d expect to willingly grab a stranger’s ass in a grocery store, which, not so coincidentally, is exactly what happened here.

Yet the YouTube comments on the video appear to be on HIS side, arguing in their own eloquent way that “Hey man, dat gurl’s booty b 2 big 2 turn down!!” I’ve never experienced it, but there’s probably no other feeling in the world like finding out your boyfriend is cheating on you, then having a giant group of people say he was justified because “If a Beyonce looking bitch ask me if I wanna smash or hang out you think im bout to say no? Hell to the mf naw bruh”:

Big Booty video