Exposed: 10 Shocking Confessions of Female Air Hostess

Here are 10 Shocking Confessions of Female Air Hostess. If you’ve flown enough over the years you’ve probably heard the same in-flight instructions on how to fasten your seat belt, where to exit the plane, and what to do in the case of emergencies. Flight attendants will keep all kinds of secrets and even the most frequent of fliers might not know what actually goes on during their flights.

We’ve found flight attendants willing to share some of their best kept secrets. Some are actually quite helpful,some on the other hand you’ll wish you never knew… We present the most hilarious and horrifying confessions from flight attendants:

1. Electronics


“My sister is a flight attendant, she says after she tells everyone to turn off all electronics, she goes to the back and pulls out her phone and starts texting.” “Pilot here. Having to turn off electronics on a plane is totally useless.”

“Mobile electronic devices won’t really bring an airplane down but they can be really annoying to pilots. Just imagine sitting in the flight deck descending to your destination and hearing the interference of a 100+ cellphones picking up a signal. I have missed a clearance or 2 that way.”

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