6 Places Around The World Where The Penis Is Worshipped

The phallus is far and wide. From the shiv ling to the gear box, from the sizzling canine to the Qutub Minar, the representation of a phallus is nearly in every single place. Some do not forget it a blissful accident at the same time others reckon it is deeply symbolic. Phallus adoration has been happening for centuries and all around the world folks have fun and worship the peni$ even to at the moment. Hence, we bring you 6 of the world’s most robust phallic worship destinations.

1. Kanamara Matsuri — Kawasaki, Japan

identified for their weird traditions, japanese almost always do matters unlike the rest of the arena. And one such thing is the Kanamara Matsuri festival aka the “festival of the metal Phallus”. On the first Sunday of April, this competition is widely known to motivate fertility and marital bliss amongst couples.

penis in japan
penis Worshipp
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