25 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Travel To The Philippines

What comes to mind when you think of the Philippines? Tropical sands, natural wonder, delectable food, and friendly locals. Sure, there’s all that, but we’re here to tell you exactly why you SHOULD absolutely cancel your plans of coming to the Philippines and pick another less overwhelming place.

1. You’ll spend way too much money on sunscreen.

beach side

2. 7,107 islands of the same old boring stuff. Nothing to see here.


3. You’ll get bored to death of the thousands of beaches.


4. You’re better off watching Natural Geographic if you want to see the marine life here.


5. Heck, who wants to swim with the sharks anyway? No one, that’s who!

swim with the sharks

6. Love climbing mountains? Philippine mountains are nothing special.

 climbing mountains

7. Want to check out some hills? I’m sure there are anthills that look like this in your own back yard!


8. The Philippines has the world’s smallest primates, but who cares, right?

world’s smallest primates

9. It has an island inside a lake. And the lake is in a volcano. And that volcano is in a lake. And that lake is on an island. Too much of a headache, right?


10. Want to see some natural wonders? There’s none to see here!

natural wonders

11. The Philippines is totally old school. They didn’t even bother to renovate their 16th century streets!


12. And for transportation? They still use horses! The audacity!

transportation horses

13. There is absolutely no trace of modernization in the Philippines. None whatsoever.

modern city

14. Every square inch of the Philippines is filled with smog, trash, and dust!

surfers at siargao islands famous surf break cloud 9 near mindanao the philippines

15. Every. Square. Inch. Nature’s pretty much dead here.


16. With all of the colonization that happened, the Philippines has no semblance of its own culture!

Philippines Culture

17. And those fiestas! These glorified street parties are just going to give you a headache with so many people and so many colors!


18. Don’t get us started on the food because it’s basically either stuffed with all sorts of sugar…


19. Or made with all the things that will clog your arteries.


20. Even their stews are filled with so many ingredients, you won’t even know what you’re eating!

many ingredients food

21. And let’s talk about art. There is no artistry here in the Philippines.

artistry here in the Philippines

22. Not even a trace of creativity when it comes to architecture!

creativity architecture!

23. Music is also basically dead, too. No interesting local artists whatsoever.

Old Music

24. You know the one thing that’s going to happen if you set foot in the Philippines? Other than the hospitality, the sights, the food, and the culture?


25. You’ll never, ever want to leave!

You’ll never, ever want to leave!