15 Pictures That Prove The Amazon is Totally Insane

Anyone who grew up in the United States probably had to endure more than a few classes dedicated to the rainforests and protecting them. For that reason, you may be sick of hearing about them. But, get over it! The rainforests are amazing, and the Amazon is perhaps the most amazing of them all. Why is that? Well, it’s simple. There are things that you’ll encounter in the Amazon that you won’t encounter anywhere else in the world. What’s more is that there are things about this rainforest that you may have never learned, and once you know them, you may never look at the world the same way again. So, what are these amazing animals, plants, and facts? Let’s take a look.

Jesus Lizard


1. The Jesus Lizard

No, we’re not talking about that band your hipster buddy in the thrash rock band enjoys, although we are talking about the animal from which that band derives its name. If you look at the picture above, we bet that you can figure out why these creatures have come to be known as Jesus lizards. That’s right! It is possible for these reptiles to literally walk (or, more accurately, run) on water. Although, they eventually have to swim… But, it’s cool while it lasts, right?

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